Assessment and Tracking at KS3

Key Stage 3 refers to the period of schooling between the end of primary school (Key Stage 2) and the beginning of GCSE and BTEC courses (Key Stage 4). It can last for either two or three years.  Most subject departments at Cowley operate a two year key stage 3 curriculum and a three year key stage 4 curriculum.

The government announced that from 2014 National Curriculum levels would be removed as a means of assessing attainment and would not be replaced. Schools are now required to choose their own assessment processes.

Key points:

  • Pupils’ learning will no longer be reported in terms of levels.
  • Parents will continue to receive three ‘Pupil Profiles’ per year which will provide a brief overview of progress.
  • Parents will continue to receive one written report per year which will explain the pupil’s achievement in greater depth.

See PDF document below for full information on Assessment and Tracking at KS3.

Assessment and Tracking at KS3